Benja Portraits Maui, HI

About Us

Benja Iglesis

The first picture I took, using a Kodak instamatic, was a portrait of my brother Pancho. I was 7 years old and he, my subject, was buried beneath a pile of sand. Pancho’s head was sandwiched between the surface of the shore and a sombrero. The cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth was characteristic of the time and serves as a point of jest today. It wasn’t until I was about 20 years old on an excursion to Iquique with my friend Victor that I concluded photography would be a fitting approach to earn income while traveling.

Throughout my journey, photography metamorphosed into more than a convenient way to finance my travels. It became a passion. Until the early 2000's I employed 35 mm slide film. The allure of calmness I felt while shooting, followed by growing anxiety in anticipation of examining the developed slides enticed me. Was it depicted as I had composed it in my thoughts?  

Our Process

Today I use my photographic film background to capture the essence of people in an organic setting. My goal is to captivate using reality while transporting the client to the instant in time the image was formed. While we find beauty in the art created using Photoshop, we find raw unaltered elegance even more enchanting. Though I may slightly adjust the light or colors during editing, the moment is preserved as seen through our eyes and captured pixel by pixel.    

moments Meet with us in a pre-session consultation. We’ll discuss matters regarding what you want the images to convey, outfit choice, and location. Most importantly this gives us a chance to become familiar so that you may delight in the day to come.
location We use Maui’s South Shore scenery as the backdrop for your portraiture. During the pre-session consultation we’ll discuss the prime location to create your quintessential portrait. Contact us for other locations.
details After we conclude the session, we’ll select the optimum images. The portraits may have the color refined, but you will receive images that are authentic in their reflection of the elegance of you and the landscape.